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Winter is here!

Even though we had a warm November, winter weather is sure to arrive soon. Here are a couple of helpful hints regarding the building:

  • We will have buckets of ice melt available at the doors, and sand in the parking lot. Staff and volunteers do what they can to keep up with the ice and snow, but as you know, snow can melt and refreeze.   If you come in and see a patch of ice, please feel free to use the ice melt or sand. Just toss a little on the ice patch. Together we can help keep our sidewalks and parking lot safe.
  • If we have inclement weather on a Sunday, the minister leading the service makes the decision to cancel. We make every effort to hold services, but sometimes it isn't safe to do so. You can call the church office or check Facebook for information. We will also try to post on the web site and on WDEL Snow Watch.
  • On weekdays, the Business Manager decides to close the office and building. If you are leading a meeting here, and decide to cancel, please call the church office to let us know. If we close we try to contact all group leaders scheduled to meet. We ask that leaders contact their group members to inform them of the cancellation.     
  • Please keep in mind that the parking lot across the street from our Sanctuary entrance, on Whitby Road, is not our property. The Brandywine School District allows our members and visitors to park there on Sunday mornings, however, those lots are not plowed or salted by the district. Our custodial staff, if they have time, try to add salt to those lots, but their first priority is to make sure our sidewalks and parking areas are taken care of. Please use caution if you choose to park in those lots.
  • Stay safe and warm this winter!