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Excitement Builds for a Revitalized ARE Program, Beginning Spring 2016

Reverend Roberta and the newly formed Adult Religious Exploration Steering Committee are pleased to announce that a revitalized ARE will kick off in Spring 2016. To begin, one course will be offered in each of the following categories, based on existing UUA materials:

Threshold Courses: An introduction to UUism, the church community, and building a personal belief system (This would include the popular UUA Course, Building Your Own Theology, Levels 1 and 2);
Deepening Courses: Offering UU history and heritage, UU identity in community, and relational skills;
Epiphany Courses: Offering spiritual and personal growth and learning, and knowledge of other religious paths;
Living One’s Beliefs Courses: Helping us toward the integration of a life of integrity and beliefs with deeds.

Each course will be two or three sessions or a one-off workshop. Times may include Saturday or Sunday mornings/afternoons, as well weekdays/weeknights, to accommodate leaders and as many  registrants as possible. Some courses may include an online option, as this is an increasingly popular alternative. Soon, we will be seeking enthusiastic facilitators for each of the planned courses.

Rev. Roberta is passionate about religious exploration for all UUs.  She also envisions a much wider ‘audience’ than First Unitarian Church for our programs: “Most courses we offer also need to be available to the public, and our publicity will incorporate a public announcement.”

The ARE Steering Committee voted to cancel the ARE Faithful Dialogues ongoing series, which have been held on Sunday mornings for the past five years. Special programs to be held in Brunner Chapel on Sunday mornings will be announced in advance, and may include the monthly Metaphysics Video Series led by Cindy Cohen, as well as occasional Social Justice programs. The Adult Forum Video Series will continue in Room 25 on Sunday mornings.

Look for more announcements about our ARE Course Offerings in Spring 2016.