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Monthly Quest Newsletter Update

Over the past few months, we have been evaluating our communications processes and the resources allocated to them. Every week we produce a weekly email for Friday, a midweek email on Wednesdays, and a monthly newsletter. In addition, content is repeated in the order of service insert and posted on the website. Emails are also posted to Facebook. Upon request, the printed order of service insert is mailed to families who do not use email.  

Often, Quest articles will also appear in Enews. Or, updated versions of Quest content are submitted to Enews later in the month, after Quest has been published.  

Beginning in February, we will experiment with eliminating the monthly Quest and focus our efforts on weekly communications. We will continue to update the website with content received for Enews, and we will also list upcoming Sunday service topics prior to the start of each month. If you have concerns or questions about this plan, please contact Marina, or Roberta, Thank you!