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Membership Journey: The Power of the Invitation

We have a goal to have 4 new visitors feel comfortable enough to fill out one of our visitor forms each week.  So far this fiscal year we are averaging only 1.2 per week.  Many of you have talked to me about the hope that more people will find our church.  How will they find us? YOU, is one answer.  From a survey in ChurchLeaders, “Overall, 41% of the formerly churched said that they would return to the local church if a friend or acquaintance invited them. Younger adults are even more influenced by the power of the invitation. Approximately 60% of those 18–35 would consider returning to church if someone they knew asked them to come back.”  Please click on this link to read more on this important aspect of church growth, including a pie chart of how visitors find First U.

Nancy Pinson, co-chair Member Engagement & Development