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A Note of Thanks

Unitarian Universalist -United Nations Office, UU-UNO Day on Sunday, January 10th, 2016.
A 'Note of Thanks' to so many who were instrumental in contributing to a  Unitarian Universalist -United Nations Office, UU-UNO Day at First Unitarian Church on January 10th. We had our 'United Nations Sunday', which is often a yearly event in UU churches.  We were very fortunate to have Bruce Knotts, Director UU-UNO in town and be our guest speaker and educator about UU-UNO. Thank you again, Bruce. It is clear to me that you hit a nerve within our church community.
A copy of Bruce's sermon is posted in our sermon archive.
On Jan 10th we collected 57 names + email addresses from people attending the service and education session. UU-UNO received all, so that UU-UNO news can be distributed regularly. Anyone interested to be added to the list, please connect with me, Hetty Francke by email
It has been my pleasure to serve as unofficial First Unitarian Church UU-UNO envoy during this time of (re)introduction. A meeting with Rev Roberta is scheduled to explore next steps.  I have talked with Bruce about ways to move forward. Keeping everyone posted when ready.
Hetty Francke, UU-UNO Supporter