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The Journey Begins with Stewardship Conversations

What is the one thing that is scarier to talk about than sex? Money!  So why is the Stewardship Team working so hard this year to recruit Visiting Stewards to sit down with you one-on-one and talk? Two reasons. 

  • First and foremost, the conversations will not mostly be about money. Stewardship conversations are about commitment and passion. They are about connecting and reconnecting. They are about values and vision. Your visiting steward looks forward to listening to what you have to say about First U.  This is not just important to the stewardship process; it is part of the Developmental Ministry process. Talking together about your hopes and dreams for First U will make it more likely that they will come true. And then finally, right at the very end of each deep and affirming conversation, your visiting steward will ask you to make a financial commitment to First U for the coming fiscal year.
  • Which brings us to the second reason we are working so hard to recruit and train visiting stewards: one-on-one conversations are the single most effective way to ensure that this congregation will have the resources needed for all of the programs to thrive.

The theme for this year’s Stewardship campaign is Journey. We have recruited enough visiting stewards to journey to approximately 100 households. They will be happy to journey to your home, a nearby coffee shop, or a quiet corner of the church to talk with you. If you are one of the households lucky enough to have been selected, please welcome the call from your visiting steward. Set up a time to get together. Engage deeply in the conversation. And then pledge generously.
We would love to increase the number of visiting stewards each year, until every single household in the congregation has the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation.
The Visiting Stewards will begin their work on Sunday, January 24th.  Within a few days many of you will be getting a call. If you don’t get a call and want to be part of the one-on-one campaign, let Rev. Roberta know and she will arrange for a visiting steward to call on you. You can reach Rev. Roberta at or by calling the church office, 478-2384. 
Remember, we are all on this journey together!