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Making a Stew of Stewardship

What goes into a stew? Well, it used to be beef stew, but we UUs don't make that so much these days. So…beans? Sure. Carrots? Definitely. And onions, of course. (Okay, maybe onions are not for everybody.)

The point here is that when it comes to stews, we pretty much make it up as we go along. And what's true for stews is also true for stewardship.
Every family (or pledge unit, as our wonderful treasurer Steve Cohen likes to call it) has the opportunity to make up its own financial stew as its contribution to our stewardship campaign. Just as a stew winds up in a single pot, no matter how many, or which ingredients go into it, in the same way every financial commitment winds up as a single figure.
The major component of most commitments is monthly salaries, of course, but people may have income from stocks or CDs or other financial instruments.
So…We can think of our stewardship campaign as a gigantic potluck, and we all want to contribute to our stew so that there is abundance for everybody!
And, don't forget, on Sunday, February 21 we will celebrate our church at lunch at the Talleyville Fire Hall, immediately following the service. To RSVP, please click here.
Jim Curtis
Stewardship Team