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CYRE Taking It Home February 14

Rainbow Walkers

Today we will continue to explore the concept of God. We will hear the story God's Name by Sandy Sasso and consider the many names people use for God. We will make mirror boards and wonder what it may mean that each person is a face of God.


Unitarian Universalists do not believe that everyone has the same answers to life’s Big Questions. We do believe that asking questions is an important step in finding what we think is true. Today we will explore our fourth principle which says that everyone is free to search for what is true and right. We will hear the story The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth and practice asking small questions when we play a game similar to 20 Questions.


The Questers are continuing to create a skit based on the story The Journey of the Birds. The skit will be used as the time for all ages on Feb. 21.

We think this will be a fun project for the Questers. They will work on it for the next couple of weeks.


Explorers are talking about current events and Unitarian Universalist principles and values. How do our Principles help guide us when making decisions about politics, energy use, water rights, social issues, and so many other issues? Do we need new Principles? Do we need to change any of our current Principles? How can we use our UU values and principles to make informed decisions?

Coming of Age