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The Staff Is All of Us!

From time to time, I volunteer in the church office, and I enjoy it a lot. Sitting in the office for several hours gives me a chance to see the inner workings of the church, and to find out what's involved in day-to-day operations.  Mostly, volunteers like me can do what we do because very little skill is required. It didn't take me long to learn to stuff Orders of Service, and now I'm really good at it!

So that's what we volunteers do, but what the paid staff does requires skills and experience that we don't have. Donna and I now live in the Kendal Retirement Community, and when we (proudly) tell people that we go to the First Unitarian Church, the immediate response, even from people who aren't very religious, is “Oh, you have a wonderful music program!” I suspect that if we were to do a marketing survey in the Wilmington area, it would show that we are mostly known for our music. And you know what that means-that means that Scott Ward's fame has spread beyond our church walls. And Scott deserves every bit of recognition he gets-and more. No one does more to create and sustain community than Scott.

Although Marina and Catherine mostly work behind the scenes, they are no less important for our church. While I do the easy work of stuffing Orders of Service, I watch as Marina tackles one difficult task after another. Just because she makes it look easy, that doesn't mean that it is!
And what about Catherine's dedicated work with the education program? The children and youth are the future-not just the future of our church but also the future of America. As someone who never wanted to do anything except teach, I have a deep appreciation for Catherine's contributions.
Jim Curtis