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A Graphic For Our Stewardship Journey

Our journey toward our pledge campaign goal continues. We shall be using the accompanying graphic representation to keep you updated on our progress. Nancy Pinson found the graphic online and contacted Kinnie McEvoy of the UU Congregation of Phoenix to get the software and permission to use it. The graphic shows a series of nested bowls, each representing a group of pledges. We hope it gives you an idea of the structure of our stewardship campaign. The innermost bowl shows the few households that pledge $10,000 or more per year to First U, the next, the number that pledge between $5,000 and $9,999, and so forth. We marked last year's pledge numbers as goals for each group, although our real goal is to exceed last year's pledges in every category! The pledges included this week include those made by 2/27/2016, which total $431,645, or 84% of our goal. If you have not made your pledge yet, please be generous and help keep First U a vibrant leader of liberal religion for our community. You can pledge online, here.