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ILYA Update!

Maybe you moved to a dorm first before setting up your first apartment. Maybe you had family that helped you figure out what you needed, went shopping with you or gave you “starter” things from home. The young people ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) helps don't have that kind of support. When they age out of foster care and get their first apartment, they may be lucky enough to have a state appointed Independent Living Coordinator but often no family and always little in the way of resources. 
 A new project that is kicking off as part of the ILYA social justice program is “New Apartment Starter Kits.” These kits will provide the little essentials that the young people often don't even realize they need (they've always just been there at the foster home): Toothpaste, toilet tissue, dish cloth  & towel, dish soap, household cleaner, salt & pepper, etc.  Sue Hodges and Marge Stitz have graciously taken this project on but they'll need your help to make it a success. Please watch for more news on how you can help and when you see Sue or Marge, chat with them about it and offer your thanks for representing our church so well through this project.