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Strategic Planning Update

In 1977 at a World Future Society Meeting, Ken Olson, the president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corporations said:  “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.”  In that same year, the company Apple Computers was incorporated! It may be difficult to “see” into the future, but let's think more strategically than Mr. Olson.  How can we bring First UU into the homes of more and more people just like Apple and Microsoft brought computers into the home in the 1980s?

Now use your home computer to e-mail us your thoughts and questions about the draft Strategic Plan (SP) for FY2016 – 2020.  Let us know if you are curious about the SP process or if you have an interest in joining our team next year.  If you have some interesting answers to the question above, we definitely want to hear from you!  E-mail us at

Here is a link to many important SP documents for you to consider.
SP Committee