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Planting Seeds for Tomorrow

Who isn't inspired by this spring's promise of earth's renewal? Lucky the gardener with beds of perennial plants that continue growing year after year (with nourishment and a little care) while producing an annual crop of fruits, berries, or other edibles to be consumed. First Unitarian's Heritage Fund acts as our perennial garden. It is a general endowment fund; gifts designated to it are professionally invested for both growth and income. The principal is allowed to grow to help ensure First U's future. A portion of the income generated may be harvested annually to supplement the operating funds which support current church activities.
The fruits of our perennial garden launch our children on their spiritual journeys, help young adults as they transition from foster care to independent living, provide an active voice against injustice and intolerance, nourish both our members and the community in their search for meaningful values to guide their lives.
You will be hearing more from us in the next weeks as to how YOU can help nourish this church resource. Whatever the form or size of your donation, be assured you will be promoting our UU values both now and into the future. And we will thank you for nourishing our ability to produce a perennial message.
Dale Stratton