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Unitarians Universalists of the Chester River to Sponsor a Play: Joseph Priestley: A “Radio” Show

When:              Sunday Afternoon, April 10, at 3 p.m.

Where:             The UUCR Church, 914 Gateway Drive, Chestertown (in Crestview)  

Contact:           Jane Hardy,, 410-639-7811

The Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River (UUCR) are presenting a new play entitled Joseph Priestley: A “Radio” Show.  Priestley was an English theologian, chemist, educator and liberal political theorist who lived from 1733 to 1804.  His writings and preaching significantly contributed to the founding of Unitarianism in England in opposition to the powerful Anglican Church of England and the Throne.  Priestley's support of the French Revolution further aroused public and governmental opposition to his liberal theological ideas and led to threats on his life and even riots.  The play explores Priestley's controversial ideas and one major historical Unitarian church consequence.

The play, a simulated radio production, was written by Alice Lindsay, a UUCR member.  The cast includes:  Philip Dutton as Joseph Priestley; Nancy Holland as his wife, Mary; Tom Lindsay as David Jones, a Visitor, and also as Russell, Priestley's Vestryman; Pat Kobes Gomez and Ray Gomez as two Radio Listeners; and Alice Lindsay as the Announcer.

Coffee and refreshments will be served after the performance. Admission to the play is free.  All are welcome.

For further information, contact the UUCR at 410-778-3440 or