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150 Anniversary Wilmington News Journal Article

The Following was written on the Wilmington News Journal's website here:

First Unitarian Church of Wilmington celebrates 150th anniversary this month

The First Unitarian Church of Wilmington was founded in April 1866, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this month with special services on the first four Sundays. Founded as a free-thinking, noncreedal alternative to sectarian faith communities, it is rooted in Unitarian and Universalist histories which honor and draw from all major religious traditions, Wilmington’s First Unitarian Church members says it has consistently been a leader in furthering progressive social and moral causes and values. These include racial equality, women’s and civil rights, LGBT rights and prisoners’ rights, especially reform of mandatory sentencing laws and re-entry preparation. Members are active in today’s Black Lives Matter movement, the Delaware Coalition against Gun Violence, the New Jim Crow and the Coalition to Create a Culture of Peace (in the City of Wilmington), and have also taken leadership in advocating for and working to improve the lives of foster youth who must exit care at age 18.

On Sunday it will welcome Gov. Jack Markell to salute the anniversary. On April 17, it welcomes back the Rev. Mary Higgins. She served as co-director of religious education and was ordained by the congregation. After the service, a scavenger hunt for all ages will include our history exhibit. And on April 24, the church will reflect on its history, identifying recurring themes that have defined us and welcoming costumed re-enactors playing the Rev. Fielder Israel, Charles Bent, Louise Sewall and James Farmer.