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Stewardship Update 4/1

I am so glad you asked! Even though we are winding down our pledge campaign, we have still not met our goal. The shortfall is still in the vicinity of 5%, and that makes a big difference in at least two very important areas: fair pay for our staff and facilities maintenance. I am sure you recall that we needed to cut staff salaries several time durning the past several years, cuts that might be at least partially restored, if we make our budget goal. And there are many parts of our beloved building with which we are limping along, but have not quite risen to the crisis level.
Your pledge can indeed have a great impact as the Executive Team and the Board wrestle with the 2016-17 operating budget.
As a reminder you may:
*         Pledge on the webpage by clicking here
*         Contact the church office at (302) 478-2384, or,
*         Fax your pledge day or night 302/478-2622, but please call us to alert us
*         Visit the Church office, forms are available there.
*         And, if you want the ease of paying your pledge by having the church make authorized withdrawals from an account of yours, please print out and fill out the Authorization Form found here, and return the completed form to the office.
Barry Marrs
For the Stewardship Team