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What Difference Can My Pledge Make?

You Have Set A Signal!

Your response to The Journey stewardship campaign has been marvelous! The signal you have set is one of affirmation of our church community, its purpose and its mission. For the first time in several years we have pledged more than $500,000 toward the annual operating budget. You have lit a beacon with the promise of your treasure, a beacon for liberal religion that shines forth with hope and joy. And we are not done yet! A few friends have yet to pledge, and if you do, we might reach the goal we set when we began this annual journey, a goal of $515, 000. Wouldn't that be something!

As a reminder you may:
*         Pledge on the webpage by clicking here, or
*         Contact the church office at (302) 478-2384, or
*         Fax your pledge day or night 302/478-2622, but please call us to alert us
*         Visit the Church office, forms are available there
*         And, if you want the ease of paying your pledge by having the church make authorized withdrawals from an account of yours, please print out and fill out the Authorization Form found here, and return the completed form to the office.
Barry Marrs
For the Stewardship Team