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Stand We Now Upon The Threshold!

I am often newly inspired when we have a visitor at our church service. I can't help but look at who we are and what we do with fresh eyes and not a little pride. (One of the Seven Deadly Sins, I know.) I hope many of you shared my sin of pride when Governor Markell and his wife visited us last Sunday to commemorate our 150th anniversary. His remarks showed how First Unitarian Church of Wilmington is perceived by the community outside our doors, and it is something of which to be proud!

As we successfully complete what is probably the 150th annual pledge drive for our beloved church, I encourage you to reflect on the final stanza of this year's theme-hymn:

Stand we now upon the threshold,
facing futures yet unknown,
Hearth behind us; wayside hostel
built by those who knew wild roads.
Guard we e're their sacred embers
carried in our minds and hearts.

As a reminder, it is not too late to pledge:
*       Pledge on the webpage by clicking here, or
*       Contact the church office at (302) 478-2384, or, or

*       Fax your pledge day or night 302/478-2622, but please               
         call us to alert us, or
*       Visit the Church office, forms are available there
*       And, if you want the ease of paying your pledge by having the church make authorized withdrawals from an account of yours, please print out and fill out the Authorization Form found here, and return the completed form to the office.
Barry Marrs
For the Stewardship Team