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Graduation is Peeking Around the Corner

Yes, can you believe it! It's time to start thinking about graduation. This year we have many young people aging out of foster care who have climbed huge mountains and jumped many hurdles to accomplish this goal. In many instances, that is in spite of numerous changes in living situations requiring multiple changes in schools. It's meant not having a stable support network to help with homework and study skills. It's meant emotional upheaval that distracts from school work and dealing with normal teenage issues. BUT THEY'VE DONE IT!!!
We at First U will celebrate the successes of these young adults with the gift of a backpack filled with items they will find useful either going into a college dorm or on to a first apartment. And we'll have a pizza party where they can truly celebrate and know that we do too.
We need your continued support to make it happen. Please stop by the social justice table to see how you can support the efforts of Barbara Perry and Amy Barch to make this another great year celebrating these successful, hardworking young people.