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Pomp and Circumstance

Doesn't that music still send chills up your spine and give you good memories of  your graduation or of someone's who is close to you? Maybe your own child's or maybe you think about hearing it in the future for your young child. Every year ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has more and more young people aging out of foster care graduating from high school (and now college too!).
While that may seem “normal” for many of us, it's not for a child that has been in foster care. Having a family unit disrupted to the point of needing foster care means huge upheaval… it often entails multiple homes and schools… not knowing who or what you can trust to be long-lasting support… court appearances when you've done nothing wrong – just being in a troubled family. Keeping your head together to focus on school work can be a major uphill struggle.
These graduates demonstrate amazing fortitude and drive. The strength and resilience they develop will continue to bring them success and we need to celebrate that with them.  Please help by helping ILYA provide gifts of backpacks and a graduation pizza party for these young people. Stop by the social justice table during coffee hour or contact Barbara Perry or Amy Barch to see how you can help.