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Rosy Rev. Roberta Review Report

In March, the Board appointed a three-member team to complete Roberta's performance review of her contract and developmental goals (which are listed below), as well as the UUA's Developmental Ministry Evaluation.  The team was Leslie Dickerson, Marilyn Hyte, and Ostin Warren, and together with Rev. Roberta, assessments were made of Rev. Roberta's overall performance, as well as her progress on the current developmental ministry goals.  The committee provided a positive assessment on all domains, and felt she predominately exceeded expectations in all areas assessed.  Roberta rated her performance slightly less boisterously, but quite positively overall.  In the view of the review committee, the first year of this developmental ministry has largely been quite successful.
We still have a lot of work to do, including growing our membership, but we believe we in this first year, we have built a positive foundation for the good work of the coming few years.  We welcome your opinion as to how we (Rev. Roberta, the leadership, and the membership) are all doing in working towards our chosen goals.  Feel free to communicate with Ostin and Roberta about your views of how the developmental ministry is progressing; contact Ostin at 406.490.1664 or, or Rev. Roberta at the church office (302-478-2384) or

Developmental Ministry Goals:
1) Working together with lay leaders, transition from policy governance to policy-based governance to implement a shared ministry model.
2) Lead the congregation in creating the means to function successfully as a single minister church.
3) Congregational Growth – As articulated in the strategic plan, lead First U in attracting new members and increasing member retention/satisfaction.
4) Also as articulated in the strategic plan, lead First U in creating a culture of voluntarism and member engagement.