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UUSC Responds to Ecuador Earthquake

Much of Ecuador has been devastated by two earthquakes at 7.8 and 6.1 magnitude, both within a few days of each other.  The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) immediately reached out to their long-time partner Mi Cometa, an organization that has worked with UUSC for almost a decade to uphold the human right to water. Mi Cometa, a grassroots organization, is well positioned to deliver immediate relief including water, food, books, medicine and mattresses to two of the communities with whom they work on the human right to water.  UUSC and Mi Cometa have crafted a rapid response that takes into account the rights and needs of particularly marginalized populations. Our steadfast support is critical, both now and in the coming months and years.
Make checks payable to UUSC and place them in the church offering, or give online here by clicking on “DONATE.”  Let's help provided needed resources to UUSC and Mi Cometa to help address this crisis for Ecuadorians.  For more information contact Doyle Dobbins at or Beverley Baxter at