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2015-16 Annual Meeting Reports

Thank you to the contributors of reports, stories, photos, editing skills and other input into the First Unitarian Church Annual Report for fiscal year 2015-16.  Without you, we would not have been able to report all the amazing things our congregation has done in the past year or recall great experiences from our rich history.  There is a full-color version of the report online at our website at this link:  Full Color 2015-16 Annual Report.  Black and White copies were made for the Annual Meeting.  There are some remaining at the church office, if you would like a printed copy.

Also, some of the reports were included in a separate document for the Annual Meeting.  This report can be found at:   Annual Meeting Agenda and Reports 

Finally, some of our members' stories that were submitted were included in the Annual Report and all were included in a memory booklet, also available online.  You can find the booklet at:  Memory Booklet

Nancy Pinson, on behalf of the Annual Report Team: Nancy Pinson, Maggie Duffy and marinavanrenssen