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One-Day Retreat by Open Heart Zen Group in Brunner Chapel

Our retreats are a wonderful day of being together in silence and peace.  Through our meditation practice forms, we cultivate a spacious environment for opening to ourselves and each other.  Our practice leads to a more harmonious lifestyle, one that is deeply in touch with a world that is always in flux.  Just being leads to less stress, personal growth, and healing.  At the retreat, we serve a delicious vegetarian potluck lunch where all members are invited to contribute a vegetarian dish of their choice.  All are welcome regardless of experience.  The retreat will be held in the Brunner Chapel from 9am-4pm on Saturday, June 11 and a $25 donation is optional. (Cash or check made payable to First Unitarian Church of Wilmington). If you plan to attend, please sign up at or email question to