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Green Sanctuary Update!

Thanks to all who so generously brought in those single use plastic bags for the Giant Plastic Bag Ball.   The bill is moving in committee, but we need to push it along.   Please respond to the advocacy call attached and contact the listed legislators and prime sponsors with the message to move the bill along without the amendment to distribute fees to DNREC.   Explanation included in the information.   We need to get this done within the week.  Thank you all for your advocacy on this important environmental legislation! Thanks to everyone's support and a huge public turnout, we got HB202 – an act to reduce plastic bag pollution – through the House Natural Resources Committee last week. Now, we need your help to let House “leadership” know that we want HB202 scheduled before the full House ASAP. PLEASE send emails and/or call to the following House members or visit them in Leg Hall, simply asking them to please schedule HB202, WITHOUT an amendment to send funds to DNREC.*  Let's fill their Inboxes and or Voice Mails!   *Rumor has it an amendment to send some or all of the collected fees to DNREC might be in the works which would raise the hurdle significantly by making the bill a tax bill and require 3/5ths majority which we would like to avoid if at all possible.  THANKS ALL!!
Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf                       Rep. Val Longhurst
302-227-6252                                         302-562-6640
Rep. John Viola
Feel free to cc the bill's Prime Sponsors:
Rep. Debbie Hudson                            Rep. Gerald Brady 
302-651-9571                                        302-655-1373