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American Turkish Friendship Association of Delaware

The American Turkish Friendship Association of Delaware has invited members from our church and others to share their table to break bread together with their community members in the month of Ramadan. (June)  They would like to break their fasts with friends by gathering around a table with delicious Turkish dishes and to share an interfaith spiritual atmosphere in this sacred month. We have scheduled two special ARE events with the ATFA in the fall so this will be an opportunity to meet them and learn more about Islam and Ramadan.  

“As the director of American Turkish Friendship Association of Delaware (, I would like to extend an invitation from our community organization. One of our goals is to bring together different communities in order to promote compassion, cooperation, partnership and community service through interfaith activities such as Iftar dinners.”

“A quick tour and brief introduction about the cultural center and the month of fasting will be given from one of ATFA-DE's volunteers. Our guests can interact with the community members while waiting for the sunset and the dinner. Since the sunset is sometime around 8:35 pm during those days, we will have to wait until then to start the dinner.”

07:45 pm Welcoming
08:00 pm Presentation, short video about Ramadan / Q&A
8:40 pm Iftar Dinner (breaking of the fast)

– Place: American Turkish Friendship Association
– Address: 201 Possum Park Rd, Newark, DE
– Participation is free of charge.
– you can register via this registration link (hit the date button to see the specific dates available)

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Ergin Sarikaya
Director of ATFA-DE