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One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is Samantha who many of you heard speak during the Sunday service on Valentine's Day. At that time she talked about how much support she had received from First Unitarian through ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults). She attributed the support she received through ILYA with what helped her achieve success. And now she has graduated! Her ILYA College Package Sponsors were the only people to attend her graduation to congratulate her.
She has no family support and she now ages out of foster care. However, she already has a job with a leading financial firm in Philadelphia and has arranged housing nearby. This young woman is what successful support looks like… it's what ILYA works toward for all the young people we support no matter what post-secondary school track they take. Everyone who supports this social justice program at First U should take enormous pride in the fact that we have helped another young person succeed. Just look at that smile! Does it not put a smile in your heart? Yes, the work continues but we need to take a moment to celebrate the successes we support. First Unitarian is indeed a caring community. Congratulations to all!