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Did You Know Obama Was Raised UU in Hawaii?

A feel good film is near completion about Barack Obama and his UU roots.  You can view a short preview here.
The film's creator Gloria Borland is close to having the film finished, but just needs a few thousand $$$ to finish.  She has put it on Faithify, the UU Crowd funding source, and we are seeking to raise the last few dollars needed very soon.  If you would like to contribute to bring Obama's UU heritage to light, the Faithify link is available here. 
The DVD was shown at the Joseph Priestley District Assembly and promoted at GA.  Other UU congregations have also shown the DVD and are also helping to raise funds.  The 45-minute DVD was shown at our church, but if you missed it, just let Joan Priest know and we can make arrangements for you to see the 45-minute version.
We are very close to our goal of $3,000 through Faithify, and you can help us finish!  Only $1,755 more is needed!   Thank you for your consideration, Joan Priest, 610-869-9335; 610-368-3578 (cell) or email
Many thanks, Joan