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How Foster Care Graduates Inspire Those Coming After Them

Many people at First U have heard some very inspiring talks given by some of the young adults ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has supported. They've talked about how our/your support has inspired them to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. But did you know many of them are very serious about inspiring the younger children currently in the foster care system? One way they have chosen to do that is by designing the second mural that will be hung in the Wilmington Family Court this Fall.
You may remember that the first mural was painted in 2014 and hangs in the 2nd floor hallway outside Judge Crowell's courtroom. This second mural will hang on the 3rd floor and again is focused on inspiring the younger ones who must appear in court. It's telling them to recognize and accept the support that's there for them, to hold on to their dreams, to continue their education as the way to achieve those dreams and to avoid taking “the bad bait” that's out there, that can derail their future. All those messages are painted into the current mural by these young people who put their hearts and souls into it. The fish are expressions of who these young people are … their unique personalities which are all beautiful. Come see the murals and be inspired! You won't be sorry you made the effort.