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Encouraging Those Who Come After

In early July, a group of young people painted this mural. You may think “What's so special about that?”. What's special is that these young people are in or have aged out of foster care and are painting their encouragement to young children coming through the system after them.
This mural will hang in the 3rd floor of family court in Wilmington so that when children come to court for their hearings it not only won't be so stark and intimidating but there will be strong messages sent in ways that are very effective for children… in pictures.
What messages you ask? Messages of understanding of what they are experiencing,  who is there to help them, that they should have dreams of a future they can create, what resources will help them make their dreams a reality and warnings about things to avoid that could derail their journey to that brighter future.

This mural, just like the one done 2 years ago that hangs in the 2nd floor hallway, captures the pain theses young “artists” have experienced. But mostly it captures their spirit, their hopes and their dedication to building fulfilling, successful independent lives. It will be dedicates this Fall and open to all for viewing. It's worth going to see!