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New Apartment Kits (NAK) Project Success

The new social justice project started this spring to deliver New Apartment Kits (NAK) to young people moving into their first apartment after aging out of foster care has been a BIG success. So far, two baskets have been delivered and we expect 3 more to go out the door in the next month or so.
As you probably remember, ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) asked for support from the church to put together baskets of basic needs for these newly aged-out young people who most often have no idea of what basic items they need to start up housekeeping. The response was so great that we were able to prepare 10 baskets (each worth about $80) full of things to fulfill basic needs; dish soap and towels, paper towels and toilet tissue, coat hangers, waste basket, laundry soap, hand soap, extension cord, kitchen knife, pot holders, salt and pepper shakers and other basic items all arriving in a laundry basket.