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First U Hospitality Table

To all teams, committees, families and individuals!  We would love to have you host our First U Hospitality Table one or two Sundays in the Parish hall after services this church year.   This is a great opportunity for your group to share your work with the congregation or for families & individuals to give back.  It's up to the host to choose refreshments, keeping in mind that simple snacks are best.  We're not providing lunch!  Some examples are Juice or other alternative (for non-coffee/tea drinkers), Desserts (cookies, bagels, breads, etc.), and Snacks (Popcorn, Pretzels, crackers, Fruit, Veggie tray).  Please, no nuts…….we are a nut-free building.  To sign up, click on this link: Hospitality Table Sign Up.  Review responsibilities here.  Also, I am looking for one or two volunteers to oversee this process this year – it's another simple way to give back.  Please email if you are interested. Thank you in advance!
Nancy Pinson, Member Engagement & Development