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ILYA – Can you encourage a student?

Can you remember how wonderful it was to have someone in your corner at a time life was a little tough for you? Sometimes the simplest act of kindness or thoughtfulness can make a huge impact when a challenge appears. For young people who have aged out of foster care and are now going on to further their education, the first year can be quite daunting. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) supports these young people by asking volunteers to send “Student Care packages” 5 times during the school year. Many of our team members are already sending packages to students. We need 5 more volunteers for this year's students. We have created a new process for communications with the students which has significantly increased the interaction with them using texts and emails. They are so grateful for the morale boost that getting these packages provider… knowing someone cares about them.
It doesn't cost much and doesn't take much time. Please, if you can help, contact Sue Wilson at or 509-690-0598 or see her in the parish hall after service on Sunday. You can make a big difference in a young person's life by sending periodic reminders that someone out there is cheering them on.