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We need three more volunteers!

Last week two more volunteers signed up to send student care packages to young people who have aged out of foster care who are going on to further their education. This support can mean the difference between a successfully beginning further education and feeling alone and overwhelmed.
BUT, we need 3 more volunteers!! It doesn't take much time and won't cost much… just send a few snacks, school supplies, maybe a gas card if they drive, maybe a bus pass or personal items they can't afford. The timing is very flexible (4 times during the school year and at the student's birthday). You can choose to just send packages or maybe you'd like to get to know your student personally. Each student has committed to letting their volunteer know when their package arrives and many will give ideas of what would be helpful/pleasing to receive. Won't you help? If you believe we're only as strong as our weakest link, please help strengthen the links these wonderful young people are. They've had a rough start but you can have a huge impact in changing that around to lead them to a much better future.  Please contact Sue Wilson at or 509-690-0598 or see her in the parish hall after service on Sunday.
Thank you from the whole ILYA team!