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ILYA Update – An Exciting Fall Season

Not only has ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) gotten volunteers to send Student Care Packages to all the students going on to further education, but also had additional wonderful success. Three young people who aged out of foster care have started up housekeeping in their own apartments with your help. They received supportive grants for ½ of their apartment security deposits (the ILYA policy is that they must obtain/provide the other – this helps build a sense of independence and responsibility) and a “New Apartment Kit.” These “kits” are a wash basket full of items needed when moving into a new residence for the very first time… toilet tissue, tissues, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, coat hangers, dish cloths/towels, plastic containers, etc.One young woman came with her Independent Living Coordinator to pick up the supportive grant check and New Apartment Kit because she wanted to say “Thank you” personally and was very expressive about how wonderful the support is. She said she can more easily focus on school and finding a job since she doesn't have to worry about her living arrangements. She'll be going this week to pick out (at no cost) furniture at the Catholic Charities Thrift Store thanks to all who have donated goods in the name of First U. !