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Guest at Your Table Program

It is that time of year again.  This Sunday, October 9th is Kick Off Sunday for this annual UUSC (Unitarian Universalist Service Committee) program.   This year's theme is DEFYING HATE, which is linked to the Ken Burns documentary about UUSC founders Martha and Waitstill Sharp, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War. The Sharps defied hate by helping Jews and dissidents escape
Nazi Germany.
We can help to defy hate by supporting the social justice projects of UUSC around the world.  The GAYT (Guest At Your Table) program will help us educate ourselves about these projects and provide us with multiple ways to support UUSC and all its projects.
On October 9th you will hear a story about a magical box, which, with a little imagination is the GAYT box.  Each of you will receive a box.  Please put it on your kitchen table, and at every meal, please think about people in need as a result of wars, famine, natural disasters, or human evil.  Ask yourself:  How can I help meet their needs?  Filling the box with cash or checks is one way. 
Over the next six weeks you will receive much more information via E-News, at Church, at the social justice table, and special events.  In addition, donated honey will be on sale, and all proceeds will go to support UUSC and its
world-wide projects-a sweet idea, don't you think?  For more information
go online to UUSC – Guest at Your Table or  contact Doyle Dobbins at