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Our Testimonial for the UUSC

We have gladly supported the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee for many years because the UUSC puts into action the principles of our UU faith.  They partner with local organizations to provide education, support, and services that have been shown to work for those who are suffering.  And, the UUSC is doing this around the world, often before and long after a humanitarian crises is in our newspapers.
We as individuals have little ability to have positive impact on the persecution of sexual minorities in Africa.  But, UUSC is identifying and partnering with local African organizations that develop educational materials, provide legal training in human rights, foster inclusivity, and provide safe places for all.
We as individuals have little ability to help thousands of Central Americans fleeing from violence, narcotics traffickers, and kidnappers in their lawless towns.  If they survive the long, risky trails to the US, families are often separated, held for more than a year in jail-like conditions, and the US may deport them where they face greater violence because they tried to leave.  The UUSC is partnering with local Central American organizations to provide services to families to improve their safety, and to pressure governments to end the escalating militarization of their states.  They are supporting organizations in the US to connect refugee family members, receive attorney referrals, and challenge poor detention conditions.
Please help support dozens of human rights projects in the US and around the globe by joining us in contributing generously to the UUSC.  

Jim and Lori Weddell