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Guest at Your Table Program 10/30

Bulelwa Panda learned early in her life about the power of hate.  As a lesbian woman in South Africa where LGBT identity is a deeply taboo subject, she felt the hate directed at her from strangers and lifelong neighbors, from her family and from her church.  As difficult as those days were, Bulelwa knew they paled in comparison to what other members of the LGBT community suffered:  beatings, “corrective rapes”, killings.  So she opened her home as a haven to vulnerable and ostracized individuals in need of shelter and a kind word.
Today, that same compassionate spirit gives Bulelwa a crucial role in UUSC's new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Rights in Africa initiative.  She manages iThemba Lam (“My Hope”) safe house which offers health, legal and psychosocial counseling to LGBT individuals from across Africa.  iThemba Lam is a project of one of UUSC's grassroots partners, Inclusive and Affirming Ministries.
Much homophobia and persecution of LGBT groups in Africa is driven by right-wing religious extremists in the United States so it is especially important that our voices be heard, standing on the side of love.  Every time you feed your Guest at Your Table box*, you join with other UU's who support the hate-defying work of the UUSC.
And visit the social justice table during coffee hour on Sunday where Doyle Dobbins will be selling honey from his own hives.  All proceeds will go to the Service Committee.
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