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Testimonial for the UUSC – WHY SUPPORT UUSC?

Projecting our commitments – This month, about 25 of us were fortunate to attend a workshop led by Rev. Kathleen McTigue, director of the UU College of Social Justice-a joint project of the UUA and the UUSC. Kathleen asked us, “What's the difference between just doing something, and doing it as a spiritual practice?” Her second question was, “Why is such a practice important to our efforts to engage justice effectively?” Unitarian Universalists are committed to justice because of our principles-from the worth and dignity of all to the interdependent web of existence. These values inform everything that the UUSC does on our behalf around the world. None of us can be everywhere or do everything we want to see in the international struggle for peace and justice. Our support for the UUSC helps us project our spiritual commitments around the world.
-Jeff Lott