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UU-UNO (Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office)

On January 10th, 2016, during a church service at First Unitarian Church, in the presence of Bruce Knotts, Director, the UU UNO was (re)introduced to our congregation. The result is that during the UUA General Assembly,on June 24th, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio, the Blue Ribbon Award and Plaque was presented to “First Unitarian Church of Wilmington Delaware.” During the the Blue Ribbon Award reception, Maggie Duffy received the plaque from Bruce Knotts. Thank you, Rev. Roberta, for your support and guidance re-establishing UU UNO at First Unitarian Church.Anyone interested learning more about forming a UU UNO Team/working group at our church, please connect with Hetty Francke, envoy UU UNO. 
First impressions UU UNO, by Anna C. Hamilton and Amy Hamilton:Amy and I had a wonderful time at last spring's UU-UNO Conference: The
Colors of Inequality – and we learned a great deal about the work of the UN and the UNO in regards to poverty, incarceration, and racial justice as well as LGBTQ rights.
I, Anna, was so impressed to see so many UU youth there. There were 160 young people from all over, including some from Canada. We felt privileged to be part of such a wonderful group. Like many of you, I have no experience of living in a country at war. Because of this, many of us are separated from the really important work of the UN because we don't see it happening here. But it matters a great deal.