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In order to enhance and support the many social justice activities at First Unitarian, the Executive Team has adopted new guidelines and an application for what will be called Social Justice Task Forces. This change was inspired by the suggestions of Rev. Kathleen McTigue, director of the UU College of Social Justice, which are based on the best practices drawn from multiple congregations.

These Task Forces will be organized around broadly conceived social justice goals, e.g. racial justice, hunger and homelessness, education, poverty, etc. Each SJTF will set specific goals and meet other criteria to be recognized by the Executive Team for limited terms. SJTFs may receive benefits such as budget allocation, fundraising opportunities, priority in publicity and meeting space, and staff time-including pulpit attention from the minister. The formation of SJTFs is merely a way to help the church prioritize-and therefore become more effective – in its social action. SJTFs are designed as umbrella groups that can include a variety of programs and modes of action consistent with their stated aims and goals. In order to insure adequate leadership and members, the number of Task Forces at any given time will be limited.

For further information, contact Rev. Roberta or Dale Megill