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Changes with ILYA's Furniture & Household Goods Project

For many years J. Harry Feldman has done a fantastic job managing the acquisition and distribution of furniture and household goods for ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults). He established a partnership with Catholic Charities that has greatly expanded what we could do for our young people aging out of foster care. And he has facilitated donations that have helped our congregation dispose of items they no longer want in an easy and efficient way. Additionally, he's been an invaluable member of the ILYA team bringing creativity, encouragement and enthusiasm to all. He's now moving on to other commitments and so is “passing the baton” to our new volunteer, Anita Wollison.

Anita has graciously accepted the project lead role and has been oriented by
J. Harry who will continue to support her as she develops her comfort level with the process and procedures. She can be reached at for any questions about donations but please refer to the donation information sheet first which details everything.