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December 24 Special Collection

Our December Special Collection will be held at both Christmas Eve Services on December 24. Proceeds from the collections will be shared with The Movement for a Culture of Peace and Pacem in Terris.
The Movement for a Culture of Peace is a broad-based coalition of faith, nonprofit and community groups formed in 2014 in response to ongoing violence in Delaware. Their mission: Build a culture of peace in Wilmington and the State of Delaware.
Many of our members are involved in the Pacem in Terris projects, whether it's the panel discussion to combat Islamophobia, Peaceseekers, Movement for a Culture of Peace, the Ulster Project of Delaware, the Campaign to End Gun Violence, or Wilmington in Transition. The mission strongly aligns with all seven of the guiding Unitarian Universalist principles. In 2017 it will celebrate its 50th anniversary.