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Thank You to Artist Brad Vanneman 

Due to concerns that the Charles Parks “Decision” statue could be knocked from its pedestal in the front of the Sanctuary, we investigated ways to stabilize it. We consulted with artist Brad Vanneman who worked with Parks for many years and still dedicates himself to looking after Parks’ artwork. Brad recommended anchoring the pedestal to the floor, custom-made straps, and installed the anchoring system at no charge. Brad has also helped the church refinish the Charles Parks front doors to the Sanctuary at no charge. Many years ago the church commissioned 2 sculptures from Brad, the 36″ chalice sculpture on the wall of the Sanctuary lobby, and the sundial on the southwest side of the old education wing. As a thank you for Brad’s recent work, the church made a donation in his honor to The Delaware Contemporary (formerly the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art) where Brad has one of his studios.