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School is Open! 

Yes, a new school year has begun and that means ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) will need volunteers to send Student Care Packages to young adults continuing their education after aging out of foster care. It can be scary starting college as a freshman and having no family support makes it even scarier. But having someone send you periodic packages of snacks or little basic necessities can really help. We’ve heard from some of the students that getting a package at exam time has really eased the stress.
The packages are sent 5 times a year (one is at their birthday). They aren’t intended to be expensive but rather a reminder that someone is thinking of the student and caring how they’re doing. Some of these connections have led to beautiful and fulfilling long-term relationships that see a young person graduate with great success. Often, the volunteers say they receive more from sending than the students do from receiving the packages.
Sue Wilson is the project lead for the Student Care Package project. She will be in the Parish Hall for coffee hour every Sunday in September except on September 10, answering questions and signing up volunteers. Talk with Sue and find out more about how it works and then please consider supporting a young person this way.