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First U Does it Again!!

Once again volunteers have made it possible to have every new student referral we received to receive Student Care Packages for this school year. Our last minute referrals were matched up! Independent Living for Young Adults matches up these volunteers who provide encouragement and support to the college freshmen who have aged out of foster care. Other volunteers have stayed with their students beyond the first year and often make lasting friendships.
These care packages do more that provide goodies and sometimes basic necessities. They tell these young people someone cares. They get no support from family and often get negative input from those who don’t recognize the importance of further education. School can seem overwhelming when tossed into that new environment so different from high school.
But our church members have stepped up to make a big difference for this year’s new college students. This is a great example of putting our UU values into real action. It doesn’t cost much but it means a great deal. It strengthens the links in the chain we all belong to. Thank you wonderful volunteers!!!