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Booster Card Update

It will soon be time to say “goodbye” to the Booster Card (grocery gift card) program. Our goal is to sell the few remaining cards in our inventory and officially close the program by December 2017. Currently we have $3,500 cards in stock for Giant and $2,600 cards in stock for Shoprite. Each card is sold at face value of $100 and the church receives 5%($5.00). Over the years the total annual sales for the booster card program has drastically dropped; thus our First U revenue is less than $700 for this year. Recently, our program with Acme experienced a serious problem; most of the cards we purchased had zero value as Acme was “hacked” in their internal system. Thus we have pulled all Acme cards from our “box” until the problems can be resolved. If you have an Acme card and have experienced problems please contact Chrissy in the church office at

Our volunteers have done an amazing job selling them on Sunday morning as well as handling much of behind the scenes office administration. We sincerely thank them for all their support over these many years.