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Disappearing Trees?

The Sharpley Civic Association is responsible for the trees along the streets of Sharpley. Three of those trees along Halstead Road in front of the church office were in poor health. These ash trees had many dead or dying branches. The die back was probably due to age, but may signal the arrival of the emerald ash borer. Because of the threat of falling branches, Sharpley needed to cut down the trees. Sharpley will have the stumps ground out and plant new trees of other species.

Two of the original 9 ash trees along the church property still remain, but will die soon after the emerald ash borer arrives. Sharpley has already planted 2 new trees along our property, and will eventually replace the rest. Removing all of the ash trees around the development in the next 5 or so years and replanting new trees is a huge project for our Sharpley neighbors.