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Notes from the Board… Strategic Planning Committee Updated November 2017

As promised, we want to keep you up to date on activities following our World Café Live process of last winter. We are investigating the best way to utilize our existing worship and parish hall space, and have engaged the services of Leila Hamroun, Principal Architect with Past Forward Architecture. She is developing a feasibility study focused on the following areas:
* Accessibility, including ADA compliant bathroom facilities and movement around our building
* Sanctuary and Parish Hall flow
* Sanctuary entrance
* Parish Hall finishes
* Flexible Sanctuary Seating
* Kitchen
* A/V systems
The Board is reviewing possible options within each of the above topics. Ms. Hamroun is collecting broad estimates of what some of these concepts may cost. We anticipate revisions and more refined options on the above topics to be presented over the next two months. Once we arrive at a concept that includes potential costs, we will share ideas with you for your understanding and input.
We have also contacted the Brandywine School District, the owner of the lots across the street we use for parking. We are pleased to discover that deed restrictions limit the District’s options to educational use of that land. So we will most likely be able to use those lots for our parking needs for the foreseeable future, with the school district’s permission.
Stay tuned for future announcements about communications and input sessions. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please send them to, or ask a Board member.