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It’s TIME!

This Sunday, the 6-week UU Service Committee’s Guest At Your Table (GAYT) program culminates with Roberta’s Setting the Table Service and everyone is invited to bring back your GAYT box to place on the table.
We can’t all, individually, help the Rohingya facing genocide in Myanmar or Bangladesh; we can’t all, individually, help the indigenous people in the Papua New Guinea or Alaska whose homes are being destroyed by rising sea levels; we can’t all, individually, help empower Nicaraguan peasant women through farming cooperatives; we can’t all, individually, help protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Africans.
But the Service Committee can, and does. Through its human-rights partners in these places and so many more, UUSC provides the way that you can make that difference.
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) is OUR UU organization, based upon OUR UU principles, working for human rights around the world.
So, bring your donation for UUSC and this year’s GAYT program on Sunday, November 19. If you can’t come Sunday, you can still drop off your box filled with cash or a check to the office or donate online.

Even if you’ve already donated online at or have written a check, join us in sharing in the Setting the Table service.
Remember that a contribution of $125 or more (any time during the year) will be matched by the Shelter Rock Unitarian Church, doubling your gift.
And Doyle Dobbins will have-for the last time this year-his honey to sell, with all the proceeds going to UUSC.